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“Custom training modules developed to assist the Federal Judiciary.”

Team and Leaders (T&L) is a leadership training group, based in Seattle Washington. They are well known for their innovative work delivering Leadership & Emotional Intelligence content that helps organizations more effectively navigate relationships.

T&L contacted Maloney, Rowland & Associates (MRA) in late 2019, as part of their ongoing business development initiative in which they actively identify industries they feel can benefit most from their customized training curriculums. Their goal was to get the insight and perspective necessary to design and develop superior training products meant specifically for the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services System; an industry that hinges so much on successful relationship management.

Chris Maloney & Matt Rowland had both recently retired from the FPPSS in 2019 and were in the process of launching their new consulting firm. As two leaders within the Federal Judiciary with over 60 years of combined experience, they were fresh with knowledge, perspective, and opinion. This presented T&L a valuable opportunity for collaboration and research.

MRA confirmed T&L’s reputation of quality, experience, and results evidenced by their impressive client list which includes Boeing, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook; plus many smaller business’, school systems, and government agencies like the Department of Energy. This list goes on and continues to grow. T&L has been innovating around leadership training and emotional intelligence skill development for over twenty years in the Northwest and across the US.

Once MRA experienced this leadership training content firsthand from T&L, the opportunity was clear; with collaboration and teamwork, custom content could be developed that would positively impact the Federal Judiciary.

Productive conversations began and a successful collaboration was born. T&L began a deep dive, with the guidance of MRA, into the world of the Federal Judiciary, and more specifically the FPPSS, to gain understanding and perspective. The results of this research helped T&L design content to address the specific needs of this industry. The goal being to provide tools and strategies to help Chiefs, and other Court Unit Executives, perform at their best across the USA.

Then Covid-19 happened! Everything came to a screeching halt, and there were now so many unknowns and questions. Many questions arose about what to do next; how to organize, engage and motivate our teams for action.

MRA saw an opportunity during this unprecedented event to innovate even further to help their industry recover more quickly. They immediately made moves to leverage their ongoing collaboration with T&L, and talks began to develop even more enhanced leadership and emotional intelligence content that was specifically designed to address the Covid-19 pressure points. The goal was to provide Court Unit Executives new tools and strategies to help them “re-enter” from this crisis more successfully; and to lead their teams most effectively during these especially challenging times.

MRA has been working arm in arm with T&L, assisting in the development of this custom content, and helping to fine tune facilitation strategies being utilized within the new and ever-changing landscape. This enhanced content and facilitation services are available now. To inquire please email JB with special projects at:



Feedback received from previous Information Demonstration Sessions:

Upcoming “Information Demonstration Sessions (IDS)”
designed for the FPPSS

“Leading “re-entry” with emotional intelligence, and the tools to connect our team”

(A demonstration of custom content created to assist Chiefs and key stakeholders within the
FPPSS: 1.5-hour session)

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The Federal Probation and Pretrial Services System (FPPSS) is unlike any other industry. A complex series of human interaction from top to bottom and bottom up, and no one knows this better than the Chiefs in this industry. In the FPPSS, managing personal reactivity, maintaining focus, and working effectively with others is imperative to performing effectively and leading exceptionally. These skills are being tested now, and more than ever before. As many begin to navigate the “re-entry” from the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be crucial that the Chiefs and their Deputy Chiefs be provided the tools and support they need to lead creatively and effectively. Proactivity will contribute to success.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a crucial ingredient to effective relationship management. The better the EI skill, the better the results. The cumulative effect of constructive human interaction becomes the oil in the engine and contributes to the overall performance of the machine.

Understanding the function of our emotions, and the emotions of others, can positively affect our ability to perform as leaders and produce the best results for our district. Staying nimble and being successful in the face of ambiguity will be determined by the actions of each Chief and their ability to thoughtfully respond rather than habitually react. We will focus on this as a core component to our Emotional Intelligence training module.

During this hour and a half ID session, we will discuss custom content and engage in exercises designed to assist industries like the FFPPS. Our direct collaboration with MRA has provided us valuable insight into this complex industry, and we plan to address specific opportunities to assist. We strive to ensure a quality human connection for all our participants during these leadership development sessions and want to go beyond the boundaries of usual classroom or online settings. We continue to innovate and develop new ways to expertly delivery our experiential content online. Someday we will all be together again in a room, but for now we are pleased to deliver this effective content from “outside that box.”

With our real time dialogue, action, and practice, we are confident that the participating Chiefs and key stakeholders will take away tangible tools and resources they can immediately apply to their team building and re-entry campaigns. These tools can help deepen human connection, strengthen communication, and improve overall team function across their districts.

In the days following the IDS’, T&L will provide an option for a complimentary one-on-one session with Chiefs and other stakeholders. During these “sponsorship sessions,” we can provide additional coaching to help each stakeholder design a plan specific to the needs of their unique district.



Summary of Training Outline (1.5 Hour)

* Introduction.
* Maintaining centered leadership in the face of ambiguity.
* Creating structure in a virtual world.
* Skills for a successful FPPSS “re-entry.”
* Conclusion.