Challenge Course

Whether you are bringing a new team together, attempting to align an existing team around a new vision or direction, seeking to break down silos or simply wanting to build morale, there is no more effective or efficient tool to achieve those results than an experiential Challenge Course.  Motivational speeches, informal “get togethers”, or endless power point presentations will never pack enough punch to allow true, lasting change to take root and stick.

For real change to occur, teams need to struggle together, to achieve together and to openly explore, discuss and address those most fundamental team dynamics that either build success or get in the way of it.


Our Challenge Course, located in north Seattle and nestled in a pristine stretch of forest between St. Edward State Park and Bastyr University, is designed to provide teams with the safe and novel setting necessary for such critical experiences and conversations to occur.  Through customized design and expert facilitation, teams are transformed, revitalized and reoriented around new, desired direction.



Single or multi-day trainings delivered on the Teams & Leaders Challenge Course in Kenmore, WA adjacent to Bastyr University at the northeast end of Lake Washington.  Standard group size varies from 8-60 participants.  Special accommodations can be made for larger groups.  Continental breakfast and lunch included in most standard trainings.  Overnight accommodations and conferencing services available upon request.