Critical Conversations

The quality of our critical conversations in one-to-one interactions can assess the health of a team, organization, or community.  Conflict is an inevitable part of life in human systems.  In fact, if handled skillfully, conflict can be a positive force, propelling teams to maximize diversity, creativity, and strength.

Unfortunately, our brains are wired in many ways to avoid conflict.  We seek immediate comfort, often unconsciously, by sidestepping difficult conversations.  As a result, we create large gaps between ourselves and those people most critical to our success.

Our Critical Conversations training, built from over a decade of one-on-one conflict coaching with thousands of clients, is designed to provide participants with a tangible, prescriptive method for approaching conflict and effectively closing those gaps.  Not only will participants walk away from this training with an effective template for navigating conflict in all relationships, but they will also leave with an increased capacity and tolerance for the robust dialogues necessary for teams and organizations to thrive.



Single or multi-day trainings delivered virtually. Standard group size varies from 6-45 participants.  Special accommodations can be made for larger groups.