Emotional Intelligence

By nature, human beings are reactive, especially in times of high stress and ambiguity.  We are often like the proverbial “bull in a china shop.”  A great deal of damage can be done in a very short amount of time if we let conflict run rampant and do not manage our relationships effectively.  This fact is magnified exponentially when we assume leadership roles.

Often, we fool ourselves into believing that we are too busy to deal with relationships. Studies have repeatedly shown that high performance and leadership success is more than 80% tied to our ability to create and sustain critical partnerships with those around us.  Emotional skill sets are not innate, and they must be developed, practiced, and continually refined.

Our Emotional Intelligence training gives participants the tools and skill set necessary to manage their own reactivity, stay lucid and clear in times of emotional upset, and effectively empower, empathize, and partner with those around them.



Single or multi-day trainings delivered virtually.  Standard group size varies from 6-45 participants.  Special accommodations can be made for larger groups.