Leadership Bench Program

What is your “leadership” strategy?  Is your organization poised and ready for the future you desire and envision?

So many organizations with solid business strategies, cutting edge initiatives and compelling visions, never invest the time and resources necessary to proactively grow and develop the leadership bench strength that is needed to successfully carry such initiatives past the goal line.  As a result, some of the most creative and best intentioned initiatives fall flat or never fully get off the ground.

Whether you are seeking to develop the next wave of talent in your organization to assume top leadership roles, cultivating a critical group of leaders to shepherd a particular initiative successfully through the system or simply striving to build a stronger culture of leadership among your employees, our Leadership Bench Program is designed to deliver real, lasting results.

Created to be our most comprehensive leadership development offering, the LBP maximizes ROI and true transformation in organizations by combining three fundamental training strategies; Customization, Cohort Learning and Individualized Coaching.  In concert, these three components generate an unstoppable wave of learning and leadership in your organization that can’t help but have lasting, transformational impact.



3-18 month program for a select cohort of 6-14 participants.  Content and duration of LBP is based on specific client objectives.  Cohort meets monthly for a single day training module.  In addition, each cohort member receives monthly personalized coaching sessions to integrate learning and to convert training into real behavioral change.  Several preliminary meetings with top leadership and key stakeholders are conducted to ensure that program design matches organizational culture and objectives.