Power in Systems

In addition to being highly reactive, human beings have a natural tendency to point fingers and to blame those around them when expectations, goals or outcomes are not met.  Unconsciously, we are driven to judge others.  Leaders are labeled as incompetent or out of touch, employees are seen as unmotivated or disengaged, cross functional peers are viewed as uncooperative or territorial.  At times we become stuck in these views, we break partnership with those around us and inevitably our productivity, morale, agility and goal attainment take a significant hit.

Our Power in Systems training is designed to address these common, but highly toxic traps head on and provide real solutions for both avoiding and resolving them.  Through an interactive “real life” simulation, peer coaching and direct application, participants are given the tools and skill sets necessary to see organizational “traps”, assess their own unconscious patterns and to take proactive steps to build and sustain those partnerships most critical for long term individual and organizational success.



Single or multi-day trainings delivered “onsite” at a venue of client’s choice.  Typical venues include meeting rooms, conference spaces and retreat centers.  Standard group size varies from 15-100 participants.  Special accommodations can be made for larger groups. Meals, lodging and conferencing costs assumed by client.