Team Building

The beauty and strength of the experiential learning model are that its benefits are not relegated solely to an outdoor Challenge Course.  For some teams and specific situations, it may make more sense to hold a team building event “onsite” where we bring the challenges to you.  Teams & Leaders offers an array of “portable” team-building activities that allow teams to achieve the same benefits gleaned from a Challenge Course without the additional planning and logistics often associated with “off-site” outdoor training.

Our large assortment of portable challenges allows us to customize and design training that fits the specific needs and objectives of our clients.  In addition, this portable training format allows weaving in other components of our offerings (Emotional Intelligence, Critical Conversations, etc.) to create “hybrid” training that addresses a broader range of goals and objectives.



Single or multi-day trainings delivered virtually.  Standard group size varies from 6-45 participants.  Special accommodations can be made for larger groups.