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The New & Emerging Leader Program

September 1, 2022 January 31, 2023


Exclusively for Federal Probation and Pretrial Services

“In today’s most successful organizations, leadership not only comes from the top; it radiates from the middle and ascends from the bottom.”

-Liz Wiseman

Transform High Potential Talent Into Your Most Valuable and Trusted Leaders

We hear it all the time: “How do I get someone who was highly effective as a line officer or specialist to meet the challenges of being a supervisor or deputy.”

And it makes sense—districts of all sizes are filling critical management positions with successful individual contributors and hoping their skill sets will translate to being effective leaders. But while these new supervisors and deputies have significant functional expertise, they can lack the necessary blend of hard and soft skills that it takes to truly lead a team successfully and to fulfil their own potential as leaders.

What worked for people earlier in their careers may not work in their new roles. In fact, old habits can at times turn into liabilities at different leadership levels. The reality is that to be a high impact leader, you often need a significant shift in mindset and skillset.  Ensuring that leaders get the right training and support to effectively navigate those critical transitions is key to ensuring that their leadership is maximized.

The transition to supervisor is often one of the most difficult moves that individual contributors will make.  Many report that they find it far more challenging and isolating than they expected.  In addition, many report struggling with self-doubt and hesitancy around making critical decisions.   They must be able to shift their identity from that of an individual contributor (responsible for self and the work) to a manager (responsible for others and the district) and need practical tools tailored to their unique context in order to thrive.


Customized Training to Meet Leaders Exactly Where They Are and to Help Elevate Them to Where They Need to Be

Becoming a leader of people requires not just a new set of skills, but a whole identity shift. And making the leap from officer to supervisor, from peer to superior, or from supervisor to leader is a big transition for anyone — no matter how intelligent or driven they are.

Promotions show people you believe in them. Investing in their development and equipping them with what they need to succeed turns that potential into reality.

Supervisors and deputies make up the majority of a district’s management population. Preparing them to lead effectively is essential for both the short- and long-term success of the organization.

If you are looking to strengthen both your leadership pipeline and scale the impact of the Executive Team, investing in your largest population of leaders — will produce results you’ll feel almost immediately.

The New & Emerging Leader Program is ideal for new and existing supervisors, deputies, and high potential leadership candidates that are motivated to take their leadership to the next level.

The New & Emerging Leader Program design is based on the success of programs offered by Teams & Leaders to Fortune 500 firms including Microsoft, Boeing, Nike, and Google, as well as district-based programs offered to Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Offices across the system.


What Participants Learn in Our New & Emerging Leader Program

Our New & Emerging Leader Program develops the following 6 competencies for leadership success:

  • Leading High Performing Teams: Inspiring commitment through strong working relationships with all team members.  Skills include how to run effective meetings; creating robust team habits, systems, and structure; creating a culture of accountability; holding performance and development conversations; effective delegation; and more.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Research overwhelmingly identifies emotional intelligence as the key differentiator in a leader’s performance and success. These skills are critical for staying in partnership under the most challenging and stressful of circumstances.  These skills develop greater self-awareness, tools for self-regulation, and how to lead with empathy.
  • Situational Leadership: The ability to develop strong working relationship with a variety of audiences is imperative to one’s credibility in the district.  This competency promotes situational agility and situational skills for effectively engaging direct reports, peers, superiors, judges, the courts, etc. This competency will also provide a framework for when to manage vs. when to lead.
  • Communication: Listening skills, speaking techniques, and writing clearly and consistently for maximum impact with people at all levels in the organization are critical skills developed in the program.
  • District Savvy: To successfully support the efforts of a chief, deputies and supervisors need business acumen, operational understanding, and practical knowledge of how the district functions.
  • Influencing Outcomes:  Persuading effectively up, down, and across the organization to gain cooperation and to get things done is essential to succeed.

Why Choose Our New & Emerging Leader Program?

Our New & Emerging Leader Program delivers a hybrid development experience designed to sustain real and measurable change in its participants.  As such, we employ the most current research and best practices in leadership training and behavioral change, tailored specifically for the United States Probation and Pretrial Services system.

Key Program Components

  • An all in 50-hour development program spread across 4-5 months
  • A thoughtful blend of whole group learning, smaller group work, one-on-one coaching, and ‘on demand’ support for all participants
  • An experiential approach to training with an emphasis on peer learning and feedback
  • A hybrid delivery model that kicks off with a 2-day immersive in person experience followed by monthly virtual sessions, virtual coaching, and additional online development
  • A Cohort Model comprised of participants from a range of districts to promote diversity, networking, peer to peer learning, and the sharing of district best practices
  • Cohort size limited to 15 participants to insure targeted development, individualized coaching, outcomes, and accountability
  • World class, research driven content and master facilitation/faculty
  • Practical skills facilitated by Maloney, Rowland & Associates, relying on decades of combined experience leading at the district and national levels
  • Regular feedback to the district sponsor

Program Cost: $4500.00

*Travel to the 2 day immersive experience is not included in the program cost. 

Program Dates: September 2022-January 2023 

This is a 50-hour program spread across 4-5 months.  Specific dates are still being determined, however, the 2-day immersive experience will be held in October.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Chris Maloney

Maloney, Rowland & Associates

(617) 872-4532


Nils Peterson

Teams & Leaders, Inc.



September 1, 2022
January 31, 2023


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